Monday, March 15, 2010

Group research topic: How IT infrastrcuture can affect teaching and learning in education

Observation 1: In our previous classroom

IT infrastructure: A screen and an overhead projector
Comparing with tradition infrastructure: A blackboard

Interaction is still limited. For example, in a classroom of size 30, the teacher can ask 1 student to present some idea in front of the class. All other 29 students are just watching that student. Using the computer and the screen, students can participate using animation, sounds and even Web 2.0 applications.

Observation 2: In our new classroom

IT infrastructure: Many screens surrounding our classroom

Reflection: IT infrastructure can affect teaching and learning in education.
1) Encourage group discussion.
2) A bigger screen is installed in each table, which allows the group leader to present ideas to other groups

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  1. some opinion, IT infrastructure just serve a good sharing tool in that case, while the number of IT tools does not affect the level of involvement.