Monday, March 15, 2010

Thoughts on the CETL Learning Space

4IT Guys will post their reflections and comments here on the CETL Learning Space.

The idea is to think about the teaching techniques within the room, but it's also important to look at the learning that takes place. How does the learner feel in this space? Does the provision of a clearly expensive and 'different' room effect the self-esteem of the learner and add motivation?

In my opinion the room hugely affects the motivation of student learners; it feels like a special space that the University has invested large financial resources in and so makes the student feel 'special' about their learning space and this may impact upon their own investment in their work. In education we talk a lot about making learning spaces motivational through the use of displays, environmental text etc to help promote learning and this room certainly adds to the motivational factor!

A long time ago in the UK, I attended a presentation given by Prof Stephen Heppell on Schools for The Future. Heppell's thoughts on learning spaces are always worth reading and his work in this initiative can be seen here.


  1. In my opinion, the CETL learning space is NOT suitable for traditional teaching methods (i.e. lecturers simply present materials and students passively listen to the materials). The traditional teaching methods require students pay attention to the lecturer, but this room gives too much distractions. For example, students may get distracted from the screen installed on the wall of each table, and also the desktop computer in front of each table.

    In my opinion, the room design is excellent to carry seminars. Students and tutors can share ideas in an interactive way.

  2. I agree that the room is very good in design. But I think I want to spot out, which is I think the room is only suitable for lectures who fantastic in new technology.

    Also, this room has its own teaching pedagogy. Traditionally teaching and learnning is not very desirable in this venue.

  3. Moreover, I think more instructions should be given to teach users how to effective use the hardware installed in the classroom.

    I have tried to press some buttons and made the whole screen turned blue (panic...)