Monday, March 22, 2010

Mobile Learning in Education

Year 1 students have been using the application DinoMixer on the iPodTouch to enhance their study of dinosaurs. Students mixed up their own dinosaur and then added an image of themselves dressed as paleontologists. These were then added to a PowerPoint and students then voiced over their stories and descriptive writing - some also used Wordle. The author of the app also gave us permission to use the images in our work.

They also used the mobile phone app Qik to livestram a dinosaur hunt from outside the school back to the whiteboard in the classroom. Although the 'mobile' aspects of this project were relatively minimal the impact upon learning was considerable.


  1. really very mobile! also, another advantage is it can be used on iPod, ie. no need to buy a specific device...

  2. It is really an interesting game to primary students.

  3. Thanks for your sharing!

    It is an excellent and a real example to demonstrate that mobile learning is effective to motivate kids. As a teacher in higher education, I would be happier to view other successful stories of mobile learning on higher education.

  4. Thanks for your sharing!
    It is a very interesting, interactive educational tools for kids. If we can have some interesting tools for higher education, it will be awesome!